• Documents by’s NGO Partners: VOICE, Vietnam Path Movement
    • Full text of testimony by VOICE, Vietnam Path Movement,, before the Human Rights committee of the Senate of Canada.


  • Documents from the Universal Periodic Review of Vietnam, 2014
    • Joint submission by Freedom House, VOICE, Redemptorist Church, Dan Lam Bao, and Vietnam Path Movement.
      • “The government should implement all the recommendations in the 2009 UPR regarding freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and land rights to which they have committed themselves.”
    • Freedom Now’s submission
      • “The government uses national security laws to silence an ever-growing list of critical voices in the country.”
    • Article 19’s submission
      • “The Vietnamese government has failed to implement a number of these recommendations and continued to face international criticism for its actions in a number of areas related to the respect and protection of the right to freedom of expression.”


  • Documents from the Universal Periodic Review of Vietnam, 2009
    • Report of the Working Group (in other languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish)


  • U.S. State Department Report on Human Rights for Vietnam
    • 2013 report
      • “The most recent National Assembly elections, held in 2011, were neither free nor fair. Authorities maintained effective control over the security forces. Security forces committed human rights abuses.”
    • 2012 report
      • “[S]evere government restrictions on citizens’ political rights, particularly their right to change their government; increased measures to limit citizens’ civil liberties; and corruption in the judicial system and police.”
    • 2011 report
      • “Violence and discrimination against women as well as trafficking in persons
        continued, as did sexual exploitation of children and some societal discrimination
        based on ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, and HIV/AIDS status.
        The government limited workers’ rights to form and join independent unions and
        inadequately enforced safe and healthy working conditions.”
    • 2010 report
      • “members of the police sometimes acted with impunity. Individuals were arbitrarily detained for political activities and denied the right to fair and expeditious trials. Political influence, endemic corruption, and inefficiency strongly distorted the judicial system.”


  • U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Human Rights and Democracy Report
    • 2012 report: Vietnam
      • “The lack of legal and political accountability in one-party state Vietnam remains a serious obstacle to progress on human rights.  The main areas of concern relate to civil and political rights, in particular freedom of expression.  In 2012, there has been little or no sign of improvement in these areas.”


  • Human Rights Watch: World Report, Vietnam
    • 2014 World Report, Vietnam.
      • “The human rights situation in Vietnam deteriorated significantly in 2013, worsening a trend evident for several years. The year was marked by a severe and intensifying crackdown on critics, including long prison terms for many peaceful activists whose “crime” was calling for political change..”
    • 2013 World Report, Vietnam.


  • Reports by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
    • 2013 Annual Report: Vietnam, summary
      • “The Vietnamese government … uses a specialized religious police force (công an tôn giáo) and vague national security laws to suppress independent Buddhist, Protestant, Hoa Hao, and Cao Dai activities, and seeks to stop the growth of ethnic minority Protestantism and Catholicism via discrimination, violence and forced renunciations of their faith..”
    • 2013 Annual Report: Vietnam, full chapter
    • 2012 Annual Report: Vietnam, summary
    • 2012 Annual Report: Vietnam, full chapter
    • 2011 Annual Report: Vietnam, summary
    • 2011 Annual Report: Vietnam, full chapter
    • 2010 Annual Report: Vietnam, full chapter
  • Report by Vietnam Human Rights Network
    • 2013 Report on Human Rights in Vietnam
      • “The human rights situation in Vietnam took a turn for the worse in 2013. The number of people detained for political views contrary to those of the ruling party increased, unabated police violence was reflected in the still high number of deaths and injuries caused by such violence, and the number of farmers whose land was expropriated without adequate compensation was on the rise.”

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