Hanoi police round up activists

Police raided the broadcaster's home early on Wednesday morning

Police raided the broadcaster’s home early on Wednesday morning

The police in Hanoi have swooped on the homes of well known democracy activists and taken six of them into custody.

They include Le Thi Yen, the 23-year-old anchor of a new independent video news service being broadcast on Youtube.

She was arrested by Hanoi city police at home early on Wednesday morning and taken to an unknown location.

Another of those detained was Le Thu Ha, a campaigner who is known on Facebook as Ha Suri. She said she had been warned by police at midnight on Tuesday to stay at home the following day.

When she attempted to leave in the morning to go to the medical clinic she was confronted by four police officers and detained.

The others being held are: Nguyen Manh Cuong, a member of the Green Hanoi group which campaigned against a government plan to cut down some of Hanoi’s old trees; Pham Dac Dat, who’s taken part in civil society campaigns; and two other activists – Nguyen Vu Binh and Tran Duc Thinh.

One activist close to those arrested said the police had not produced any arrest warrants.

She thought the police probably wanted to investigate the new internet video channel, which is known as Luong Tam or Conscience in English.

It broadcast its first edition on August 19 and specialises in stories about human rights and democracy.

It produces a seven to ten minute news bulletin, which it says is aimed at all classes, age groups and professions – as well as religious groups.