Charter 2015 (full text)

We, the signers of this Charter, recognize that:

Currently, the movement fighting for democracy and human rights in Vietnam has achieved many fast and positive developments. In this context, those in the government who are against progressive reform have been boosting their control and suppression of the movement, with measures ranging from surveillance to slander, from humiliation to assault and arbitrary detention, even imprisonment of activists.

A young activist was signing the Charter on June 5, 2015.

A young activist was signing the Charter on June 5, 2015.

Therefore we, the undersigned, on our honor and with all our responsibility, agree that we are obliged to support and defend each other. In particular,

  1. If any of us is detained or arrested, then all the others, if present in the place of the detention or arrest at the time of the detention or arrest, shall gather to demonstrate for his/her immediate release; no one shall evade this responsibility. The demonstration should take place in front of the police station where that person is detained, or, in case the place of detention is unknown, the demonstration should be held in front of the  Ministry of Public Security.
  2. If any of us is beaten or assaulted physically or psychologically, then all the others, within their capacity, shall take care of and provide financial and legal assistance to that person.
  3. If any of us is under pressure that adversely affects his/her job, residence, study, and life, then all the others shall help to make reparation for his/her sufferings and claim for his/her legitimate rights.
  4. If any of us faces any problem with administrative procedures caused by the authorities, then all the other shall help him/her by providing legal assistance and disseminating news of the problem.
  5. If any of us is imprisoned, then all the others shall visit and provide for him/her, and care for his/her family, including parents, spouse, and children.

We fulfill these obligations in the spirit of unity, mutual support, and non-violence.

We take on these obligations only to those who sign the Charter and are suppressed because of their peaceful activities supporting democracy and human rights.

Anyone who signs the Charter assumes the above-mentioned obligations. If he/she evades these obligations for whatever reason, he/she shall have his/her name publicized on social media networks and be subject to public criticism. In case he/she violates the Charter three times or more, he/she shall be excluded from the Charter.

The Charter is valid for each individual signer as of the time he/she signs it.

Hanoi, June 5, 2015