The era of Ho Chi Minh is the “greatest time for Vietnam”, Party Leader says

General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, on Monday delivered a speech in praise of President Ho Chi Minh on the 125th anniversary of his birthday, in which he stressed that the merits of “the founding father” were “as great as the mountain and the ocean”.

Photo by Viet Dung/ VnExpress.

Photo by Viet Dung/ VnExpress.

“He is the soul, the brilliant light that led the Party, the people and the military of Vietnam to overcome countless difficulties altogether,” “he is a great thinker who created a new culture for Vietnam – ie. the revolutionary culture – and ushered in a new era in the nation’s history, and he himself, with his daily deeds, is the symbol of the Vietnamese culture and people,” the speech was full of exaggerated rhetoric and had a marked idiosyncrasy toward communism.

The General Secretary also insisted that “the nation of Vietnam has never been in full flourish as it is today”, and that “the era of Ho Chi Minh is the greatest time for Vietnam.” He expressed his confidence in “the brilliant prospect for the country.”

Many facebookers quickly quoted the General Secretary and made fun of the rhetoric he used, saying such cliché is absolutely obsolete and funny in today’s era of communication. “Hey, do you really believe in that brilliant prospect, those who live in our era of Ho Chi Minh?” a facebooker wrote satirically on his page.

Ho Chi Minh is considered by the communists as the greatest founding father of Vietnam. To the Vietnamese people as a whole, he remains a controversial historical figure, when millions admire and adore him while millions of others label him “the slaughter” who introduced communist doctrines to Vietnam. His life and cause of “national liberation”, however, remains mostly mysterious with a halo of legends. Even his birthday, which in his life-time Ho Chi Minh said to be May 19, 1890, is unverifiable.