Environmentalists exert more pressure on Hanoi authority

VNRN – The group “For A Green Hanoi” on Wednesday has met up with the “Citizen Meeting” office of the local People’s Committee to hand in a list of unanswered question, taking a step further in their cause to protect trees in Hanoi and push for government accountability.


Three administrators and some active members of the 7000-member Facebook group filed a petition in which they listed some questions that remained unanswered to the people, regarding the massive felling of trees in Hanoi in the recent months.

The questions focused on the legal basis for the massive felling of trees alongside two avenues, Nguyen Trai and Nguyen Chi Thanh, where hundreds of centuries-old mahoganies had been chopped down since last November.

Truong Ngoc Con [Trương Ngọc Côn], an official at the “Citizen Meeting” office who met the group, said he would submit the petition to his superiors within ten days upon receipt. He did not know how it would be dealt with.

These questions were raised by a group of Hanoi-based lawyers on April 2, and were sent to the Hanoi People’s Committee and Department of Construction. None of the queries were answered yet.

“For A Green Hanoi” is a Facebook group that has 7300 members as of May 7, whose mission is “to protect green trees and demand government accountability.” The group organized a “biking for trees” tour on April 5 and three protest rallies around Hoan Kiem lake on other Sundays of April, the last of which was brutally stamped down by the police with 22 people contemporarily arrested.