Young man dies after encounter with motorcycle police

(VNRN) – A young man died Aug. 19 from injuries suffered after police on motorcycle ran his motorbike into a median in Gia Lai province in the Central Highlands.

Le Hoai Thuong (Lê Hoài Thương), 20, was one of three young men riding on a motorbike in the evening of Aug. 18 when two policemen on a motorcycle noticed that at least one of the three was not wearing a helmet.

The police gave chase, and the young men sped away. The police motorcycle overtook the motorbike, squeezed the young men over, ran them off the road, hit them with a baton and kicked the motorbike causing the group to crash into the median.

Thuong, who was in front, fell and hit his head. Witnesses say the two police then left the scene. Bystander carried Thuong to the hospital, where he died the next day of multiple concussions to the skull.

Hundreds of the locals gathered at the hospital in sympathy with Thuong’s family. Police commanders told the Tuoi Tre newspaper that Thuong fell into the median on his own trying to evade the police.

The two unnamed officers have been placed on leave.

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