Land grab victims protest at Police Ministry

(VNRN) – Victims of massive land grab and families of those arrested brought their grievance to the center of power and held a protest at the Ministry of Police in Hanoi on Aug 8. More than 60 people marched under the watchful eye of a police car that followed them closely.

This marked the third march by the farmers of Duong Noi (Dương Nội) this month. The farmers have had their lands expropriated to make way for development projects that the local government, a ward in the Ha Dong district of Hanoi, approved without adequate consultation or adequate compensation, the farmers claim.

The farmers wore red T-shirts bearing the words “Duong Noi famers need help” and carried signs demanding “land to the tillers” and “release my parents.”

In April, police and other armed men moved in en masse and ejected the protesting farmers from the land. Government forces were videotaped beating, kicking and arresting the farmers. Among the people arrested was Can Thi Theu (Cấn Thị Thêu). Her children have been joining the protest to demand her release since.

On this march, Theu’s son Trinh Ba Phuong also filed a complaint with the Ministry of Police seeking an investigation over the assault on him the previous day as he was protesting.

The farmers stated that they would continue their protests until their grievances are addressed and those arrested are freed.

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