Vietnam Path Movement marks 2nd anniversary

The Vietnam Path Movement, one of Vietnam Right Now’s member organizations, celebrated two years of activities since a group of political prisoners, including some still incarcerated, called for its formation.

On June 8, the group announced its new leadership team. Tran Huynh Duy Thuc (Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức), a businessman still in prison for his blogging, is named Founder – Chairman Emeritus, while Le Cong Dinh (Lê Công Định), a lawyer who was tried at the same time as Thuc and has since been released, is named Chief of Administration Emeritus.

Three other announced leadership positions are Nguyen Xuan Ngai, Deputy Chief of Administration; Nguyen Cong Huan, Chief Executive; and Le Quoc Tuan, spokesman. All three are based outside of Vietnam.

Thuc and Dinh were tried together with Nguyen Tien Trung (Nguyễn Tiến Trung) and Le Thang Long (Lê Thăng Long) in 2010 for their blogging and writings. Thuc is the only person from his trial still in prison.

Among the alleged violations of Article 88 which bans “propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” was the book “Con Duong nuoc Viet” (The Path for Vietnam) which Thuc and Dinh co-authored with Nguyen Si Binh (Nguyễn Sĩ Bình), a U.S.-based leader of the now-banned Democratic Party of Vietnam.

The Vietnam Path Movement’s announcement follows.

June 2014 officially marks the second anniversary of the Vietnam Path Movement’s operation. The Vietnam Path Movement operates with the ultimate goal of ensuring Human Rights shall be respected and protected above all in Vietnam, so that the people can confidently utilize all of their legal and constitutional rights to take charge of their lives and gain control of their country.

Launched amid a time when the issue of Human Rights has become an utmost need in the lives of Vietnamese people, the Vietnam Path Movement quickly integrated itself among other organizations and individuals in Vietnam and worked with those who are actively defending Human Rights in difficult circumstances under the government’s repetitive violations of the basic rights of its people. In the last two years, members of the Vietnam Path Movement have proudly maintained their principles and action plan, implemented programs that meet social and political needs of the people in Vietnam in accord to Phan Chu Trinh’s 20th century spirit of empowering, enlightening, and securing the people.

With just a two years of age and a limited number of members, the Vietnam Path Movement realizes that it has yet achieved all the goals it set forth to do, nor has it met all of the expectations that other organizations and individuals may have for it.

However, in this third year, with the participation of young activists from both inside and outside of the country, Vietnam Path Movement believes that this moment, in time, will mark a new step in future developments of its operations and activities, which will help it carry out its goal.

To celebrate our two-year anniversary, Vietnam Path Movement would like to use this press release to send a sincere appreciation to all friends of Vietnam Path Movement, the people who have been supporting and cooperating with Vietnam Path Movement openly or silently toward its goals.

Vietnam Path Movement hereby announces its new Board of Directors and Executives in the next 2 years as follow:

– Mr. Tran Huynh Duy Thuc – Founder – Chairman Emeritus
– Mr. Le Cong Dinh – Founder – Chief of Administration Emeritus
– Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ngai – Deputy Chief of Administration
– Mr. Nguyen Cong Huan – Chief Executive
– Mr. Le Quoc Tuan – Spokesman

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