Man beaten to death after police traffic stop

(VNRN) – A man, stopped by police for a sobriety check on June 25 in Ho Chi Minh City, insisted that a ticket be properly issued before they could seize his motorbike. Immediately after, two unknown assailants beat him up so badly he later died in the hospital, the Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported.

Nguyen Van Chin, 44, died of internal injury to his vital organs including his small intestine. Before dying, however, he was able to tell his family what happened.

Chin was on his way home after an office party around 11pm when he was stopped by a group of traffic police. They administered an alcohol test and decided to impound his motorbike.

Chin, however, insisted that a ticket be issued so he could go pay the fine and retrieve his motorbike. As Chin and the police were still arguing, two men in plainsclothes came over, pull Chin out, and said they would get him his ticket.

Instead, as they went into a dark alley, they beat him until he passed out.

When Chin woke up, the traffic police was gone, so he crawled to the street and hailed a taxi to the hospital. The hospital staff then used his cell phone to call his family.

He died around 1 am on the 27th.

Instances of police killing civilians have happened so often they are becoming commonplace.

A group of activists, led by blogger Me Nam (Mother Mushroom), has launched a “Stop Police Killing Civilians” campaign.

Ironically, the group’s first public meeting, at a Human Rights Coffee, was broken up by the police and 3 of the participants were arrested.

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