At police’s hands, 1 student’s nose broken, 1 loses gold necklace

(VNRN) – A high school student from the Central Highland last week was hit with a police “blunt object” so hard his nose broke, and while he and his friend were held in the police station the friend’s gold necklace went missing.

This is just the latest in a long strong of instances of police using excessive force for a minor traffic infraction. The story became public Wednesday when 11th grader Vu Hoang Dinh (Vũ Hoàng Đình) was discharged from the hospital where he had had surgery and treatment since Thursday of last week, the Ho Chi Minh City Law Daily reported.

Dinh and his friend Pham Quang Vinh (Phạm Quang Vinh) were coming home from school in Kon Tum province, when a friend on the other side of the street flagged them down.

They then changed lanes in front of 3 police motorcycles to make a U turn. Dinh was not wearing a helmet while Vinh was, and Vietnamese law requires a helmet when riding a motorbike.

As they cut across the second police motorcycle, Dinh “was hit by a blunt object to his face” causing him to lose control, hit the third motorcycle, get dragged about 100 m before coming to a stop.

Both Dinh and Vinh were taken to the station and were questioned for an hour. Dinh was bleeding so much he asked to go to the hospital, so the police took him to a clinic for first aid, then took him back to the station for more questioning.

Dinh’s father arrived at the clinic, but Dinh had already left. He paid the hospital bill and got to the station, where Dinh told him his nose was broken. Dinh’s father asked to take Dinh to the hospital for treatment, but the police would not let them go until Dinh had finished writing his report.

While the two of them were “working” with the police, Vinh’s gold necklace went missing.

Nobody knew where the necklace went, so Vinh was held back to do another report on the missing necklace.

Dinh’s mother said the police had been to their home twice since, and told her the police “unintentionally” hit Dinh with a baton when he were trying to adjust his raincoat.

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