Police beats man, rubs jalapenos pepper on his groin

(VNRN) – A young man, suspected of involvement in a fight, was badly beaten by the police who went as far as rubbing raw jalapenos pepper on his groin, Vietnamese media reported.

Four police took turn hitting and kicking Huynh The Anh (Huỳnh Thế Anh), 24, on Feb. 7 in southern Long An province, leaving him unable to urinate or walk properly.

As stated in his complaint, the police arrested him after an altercation happened between his group of friends and the crew of a truck following a minor accident.

“There were four police officers taking turns questioning and beating me without allowing me to say anything,” Anh said.

As his arms were locked, the police beat him in the head and on his temples, slapped, and elbowed in the chest. “When I came to,” And continued, “I was electrocuted in the tip of my fingers, my toes.”

When the police rubbed jalapenos peppers on his eyes, he cried and collapsed on the table, “but the polcie then said I was drunk and they beat me again.”

One office said, as he beat Anh, “I will beat you until you get sick for the rest of your life, that’s what satisfies me.”

They then rubbed jalapenos peppers on Anh’s groin, “It was very humiliating, it hurts but I couldn’t scream,” Anh told the newspaper Phap Luat, an official publication of the Ministry of Justice.

Anh was released the next day after the police found no evidence of his wrongdoing. “He came out but couldn’t walk,” his mother, who came to pick him up, said.

Anh is unable to urinate, and yellow pus was coming out of his ear. Nearly a month later, his complaint on the beating has not received any response from the district police.

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